City to Avila Beach Biker & Hiker Trail

Today, Rena and I walked along the 2.5 miles trail from City to Avila Beach where the Diablo Canyon Power Plant Gate locates. So, it was a record breaking for us to walk 5 miles all together within a single day.

Picture 1 is in our duplex apartment, the rest pictures were taken along the trail. It was quite beautiful. Next week, we are heading to another trail along the ocean shore. Today, we drove to that place without actually walking, it is beautiful too.
Yesterday, we went to a local breakfast place just half block away with two of our friends. The food was good. They even lighted the propane heaters for us because it was chilling outdoor.
We will keep explore nearby places. It was really fun for us. Our work will be ended in fall or winter. But, no one can be so sure. In the meantime, we are enjoying nearby scenic places as tourists do.

3 thoughts on “City to Avila Beach Biker & Hiker Trail”

  1. Donald, give you and your bike friends another good reason to come down and visit us.

    Besides, free lodging & food including breakfast, lunch and dinner, Montana de Oro (i.e., Mountain of Gold) State Park nearby (15 miles away from Sna Luiz Obispo, CA) is ranked 4 1/2 stars out of 5 for biking. How about that? Of course, in the meantime, you can see your parents for free too 🙂

    Mom and I are going to visit there soon. Maybe, next weekend and, after that, we will post some pictures to share.

  2. The picture wasn’t clear enough to show that there were a lot of Herons (a kind of bird) built their nests on the trees.

    People told us that to much of their drops eventually killed the tree that supported their nests. Maybe, the tree tells the birds – please don’t over-build.

    Besides, a picture showed there were 7 very special plants (or flowers) on a slope.

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