Gobble, gobble…

It’s another exciting media week. Here is a cute quote from Jeremy in the Detroit News… “The best biofuels take a big bite out of global warming emissions without gobbling up our food crops”.

A few weeks ago, I read the kids a cute story about collections and Vince asked “What can I collect?”. I though about it for a few days (it needed to be something small, neat and finite) and suggested that we collect the state quarters. I went out and bought a little collection book, which I have been coveting for a while (months?) but could never justify spending money on, even though it was only $14.95. (I’m a little strange, it gives me great pleasure to put off some small purchase so I that later, when I actually do buy it, I will enjoy it that much more). I’m having so much more fun than either of the kids hunting down quarters. I cannot believe that the whole series is almost done, I remember so clearly in 1999 when Delaware came out and thinking that it would be soooo long until all of them came out. Woosh – ten years have gone by….


2 thoughts on “Gobble, gobble…”

  1. Hi, I have been collecting quauters since it was first issued. I have lots of them which are brand new ones in its original rolls.

    Even the same quarters, there were two types – one issued from Denver and the other from Philadelphia.

    Vince, we can work together to make set(s). In addition, I have collected lots of stamps as well.

  2. Vince, it is a great deal! Grab it!

    Grand Mom has much more quarters than you would imagine.

    At least, she has more of those quarters than you do 🙂

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