My own path.

It’s been a few months since I started taking Lexapro and I feel much, much better. No more whirling obsessive thoughts, no more intense moments of despair, no more crying at parties. It is a welcome relief. I have been able to clear my email backlog, I’ve been able to go back to making lists of things to do and cross them off, I’ve been able to enjoy the kids and Jeremy more. I think it makes everyone happier. It’s always hard for me to enjoy what I have, I always want it to be better in a sort of irrational and unspecific kind of way which is not very helpful in counting my blessings.

Vince made a scavenger hunt to look for him in his hiding place for us this weekend:

Started at the front door.



Then behind the couch:


On the step:


Into the closet:


By the window:


In his room!


3 thoughts on “My own path.”

  1. I think we are all very fortunate, with families, friends and loved ones.

    Life is not perfect and out of its imperfection and headache, there is always something that we love and would like to hang on.

    I am not young anymore. Just about 100 years ago, indeed, they were much fewer ones still around at my age. On the other hand, lot of my friends and classmates simply slipped away much earlier.

    Besides medicine, positive altitude of enjoying life and taking care of oneself, both physically and mentally, always help. But, medicine has its intented purposes. Sometimes, it is extremely helpful.

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