Happy Mother’s Day, Rena & Doris

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms, but especially to Rena & Doris.

Mom was super happy these days. On Thursday, mom received beautiful followers at the plant from Doris & Company including one of her favorate grand daughters, Ruby. There were three people to deliver the flowers to Mom personally, a gentleman and two ladies. Also, yesterday afternoon, Donald called. So, she was really excited.

On top of that, we are going to see Donald again at the SF airport this Thursday when we will make the connection flying back to Washougal, WA (Portland, OR). Within these two months, this will be the third time that we would be able to see Donald. A rare ocassion since he left home for Boston after his high school days. We would like to do it more often from now on.

Also, yesterday, we drove south ~100 miles to Santa Babara to have our steak dinner there with one of our close friends. I made the reservation before the fire. Sure enough, the restaurant was closed the day before yesterday, due to the heavy smoke and approaching fire. Even yesterday, we could see people were cleaning up ashes on the ground and nearby mountains still had a lot smokes. We even saw a fire engine parked in the mall together with a lot of firefighters and cops.

Before dinner, we went window shopping in those upscale stores around. Not too many buyers so far I could see. I guess the stimuls plan is still not bubbling up to the rich and powerful 🙂 but I hope it is now trickling down to the needy and not-so-poor ordinary folks. I am afraid neither. It is always easier to spend other folks’ money and promise the world with the resources that one does not have or own.

Even the restaurant had to hold down their prices with all-inclusive-meal-type offerings with smaller portions to attract their customers 🙂 This morning, my glucose level was still pretty good too. Again, Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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