Crazy week.

(Photo has nothing to do with the post. I just think every post needs a photo and I haven’t been photographing lately. Jeremy is practicing his soldering in the kitchen. Why not in the garage? I dunno.)


Jeremy’s been busy all week at work, as I mentioned before, Jeremy’s work has really been exciting and interesting for him, lots of people to see, lots of work to do. At my own work, I’m reviewed quarterly, and today is the end of the quarter and I’m preparing for my certification exam next week and so there is also a little bit of scrambling involved. Also, the kids are out of school, so we are condensing or juggling our work schedules a little so Eliana doesn’t have to watch the kids for 11 hours straight. Just little things, no real complaints, happy to be employed and healthy and busy.

I got the insurance straightened out, I made the insurance company bend to my will! No, I just called the next day and got a different person and explained it in a new way and he put me on hold for a few minutes and voila! the anesthesia bill will be “readjusted”. Thank goodness.

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