A dress from Micronesia.

Here’s Edda at Vince’s end of the year picnic, she’s not really thrilled to be there, but she did eat a hot dog. She’s wearing a lovely dress from Micronesia sent across the ocean by her grandmother Kiki who is galavanting across Asia this summer. This is one of the few pictures of Jeremy sitting on the ground. He is so inflexible that sitting on the ground cuts of circulation to his legs.


Remember Edda’s dental surgery? Well, we are slowly getting the bills from the hospital. Apparently, insurance will cover 90% the hospital charges (total was about $10,000, so we are out $1000 – can you believe it? She was there about 5 hours), but the anesthesiologist – (otherwise known as the whole point of going to the hospital rather than strapping Edda down in a dental chair with tie-downs from Home Depot) apparently not covered (approx $1300 $1900). You know, I’m coming to terms (painfully) that our health insurance won’t cover a stair lift, a conversion seat for the van and/or a communication device – but this action confuses me. Yeah, come to the hospital, enjoy the jello! But hey, no anesthesia for your oral surgery. Makes perfect sense, who are these weird insurance people? Woo hoo!

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  1. Well, welcome to the world of
    when it comes to what will and
    will not be covered by insurance.
    Sorry to say it only gets WORSE-
    i know this first hand, because
    I PAY FOR my Medicare (DOnt ask)
    and have come to see that the
    'logic' bears no resemblance to anything i know to be 'logical.'YOU can file appeals–the people who
    help in this are SO NICE, it makes
    the pain of 'denial' slighly less.
    AND THis is for Routine stuff. I dred the day of the National'Medical Coverage' only
    because administering this and
    deciphering the logic will be
    worse! NB :Everytime you step
    into a hospital it is going to be 'Expensive,' but be happy that
    Eddda (and Jeremy) arrived and left
    in good condition…….Sorryto go on and on, but it a subject I am quite
    familiar with. Be happy you
    can 'afford' to cover what is not.

  2. Mom is very glad to pay for the necessary equipment for the van. Please get one that doesn't need a lot of strength to operate to make sure Edda is securely fastened on her seat. We will take her out for a fun day using the van occasionally 🙂

  3. I hate the insurance thing and am so tired of both sides of the political party not coming to terms with how many people are not covered, barely covered or are struggling to just keep their insurance. I hate to say it but I think those folks in Washinton have absolutely no idea how tough this issue is for people in this country. I am making phone calls and letters to Washington all week. Both of your stories are just one of many that I hear and it drives me crazy.

  4. Well, I think, the "Big Government" is one of the problems. No matter how well the original intentions are, the results run by "Government" are fairly disastrous.

    For example, look at our TV signal switching, a lot of seniors and poor folks have no access to TV anymore. I bet when they call help lines, they will be asked to hold forever or be routed all over the world. And, finally, may reach to India.

    Of course, certain things only "Government" can do, such as Defense, Diplomacy, etc. The rest, I think, "Government" should play only regulator and watch-dog roles. And staying away from running banks, car companies, insurance business, etc.

    If I were the top guy (note: he was a campaign aide, age 31, with no car experience, with no manufacturing experience, with no business experience, but according his camp, he is very sincere and smart) trying to bail-out GM, I would simply give each US citizen $3000.00 if he/she buys a new GM car and keep it for five (5) years. Period! No smart campaign aide, no legal fees, no middle men, fewer paper pushers in between.

    Just my thought on all these 🙂

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