Remember Edda was fussy? It most likely was her teeth. We went to the dentist last week who confirmed that she had an abscess due to a molar coming in a crooked angle. Anyways, the whole time I was setting up the appointment to the time that I actually got to the dentist I was thinking 2 things. One, please, please, please let this be a dental problem which does not involve general anesthesia and two, it just will kill me if Edda had been in intense pain for 2 weeks (I looked up abscess on the internet and all over the entries was written INTENSE PAIN!!!) and I did nothing about it.

So regarding worry #1, the abscess does not require going under. Thank goodness. And worry #2, I asked the dentist and hygienist about the pain and they both said they’ve seen kids with really bad teeth and abscesses and they seem fine and relatively pain free. So whatever, it seems if Edda was in great pain, she would have let me know somehow. Anyways, we have a follow up appointment in a few weeks to see how the dental saga ends.

4 thoughts on “Dentist.”

  1. I agree: NOT GUILTY.

    I DISAGREE; Edda DOES know how
    to communicate and you and Jeremy
    read her well-you KNEW she was
    'upset' and did what you could-
    NO MOM is'supermom.' Sometimes
    there's pain you can't 'diagnose'
    and sometimes there's pain you
    can't do anything about. Either
    way you did your best-and everyone
    did better than just survive!

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