Morro Rock, Morro Bay & “Sea Weed Beach”, CA

Today, we drove to Morro Rock and Morro Bay after work. Morro Rock is a 25-million years old undersea volcano. For centuries, it served as a sea navigation landmark along the central California coast.
Here are several pictures to share:
1) At south side of the Morro Rock facing Morro Bay and Los Osos.
2) At north side of the Morro Rock – Mom was looking something stickied on the rocks
3) At north side of the Morro Rock, Up and close
4) & 5) Looking at Morro Rock from the east, Morro Bay just in front of the Morro Rock
The last picture is about the “Sea Weed Beach” where Mom found the best sea weeds on our dinner table. Of course, we just gave the beach name ourselves. It is absolutely unpolluted and very few people know about it. It locates inside the PG&E property lines but has the best sea weeds.

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