Extreme Acro Gymnastics.

This first week of summer, Vince went to gymnastics camp. Today was the last day and they wanted to show off in a little performance. There was suppose to be a video – but our video camera is on the fritz – so you just get some fuzzy pictures.


After the performance, Edda got a turn on some of the trampolines and had a nice time.


3 thoughts on “Extreme Acro Gymnastics.”

  1. This looks so fun. Trampolines with lots of padding rock! I love the fact that you guys had cooler weather earlier in the week. We are on our 4th day of record breaking triple digits and our 12th day of triple digits. Nothing like going to be and it is 90 degrees and getting up and it is 90 degrees. More cool weather, sweat shirt stories please.
    P.S. Noel Where there is one snake there are usually two. Keep that camera handy!

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