Sunday night dinner.

Every once in a while, we are at a party and someone that I’ve never met before does just the right thing with Edda that just melts my heart. Usually when Edda’s at a party, she tromps around watching TV. If we are lucky, we usually can let her be and hang out with the adults. Sometimes she’s fussy and one of us has to spend some time sitting with her on our lap, trying to figure out what’s wrong..

The action swirls around her, the dogs, the kids, the conversation. You know, everyday I wish Edda could have friends the way most kids have friends, but I know this isn’t something that is easy to accomplish. Anyways, someone who’d never met Edda before spent some quality time with her at tonight’s party, wrapping her arms around Edda and talking to her about the Little Einstein’s show she was watching. It was nice. It was sweet. Maybe the world is OK after all.


Vincent was a little moody at tonight’s party. He spent some time nestled in the crook of my arm, which is really unusual for him…


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