BB Gun & Oil Country

Today, it was a nice day and we drove out to the east and right into a California oil country.

On our way back, while we were driving in a bi-directional two-lane highway on route 166, a BB gun shot from an approaching car hit our wind shield and broke the glass. It hit with such a loud bang. Fortunately, our car windows were all shut and no one was hurt.
Today, we started our driving along routes 58. In this area, along routes 58, 5, 119, 33 and 166, it is an oil country in California. Oil extracting machines were everywhere. Oil pipes and tanks dotted the landscape. The Elk Hills Petroleum Oil Reserve is here too. I guess the oil company doesn’t do this job with “GREEN” in mind. The landscape is pretty ugly and litters with rusty junks.
When going out on route 58 east bound, there noticed that there had no service place for the next 82 miles. By that time, we had traveled 40 miles already. So, we had to make an emergent pit stop just along the road. Luckily, no one was around. After that, about a-minute-of-driving later, Mom said with a big grin on her face “Boy, your bladder is big and inside is all black”.
Guess what, we found an oil spill which formed a small steady stream along the road side. We had to stop few miles away at a local hotel and alert those people. They suggested us to talk to the local Fire Station just a couple of miles away. However, we never found that Fire Station and, hopefully, they will call the oil company or Government Officials (???).
It is pretty amazing that it can let this happen under the beautiful Californian Sun with nobody noticing it. I believe, Nukes have never had this type of problems before. And it will not have in the future either.

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