Family Re-union, Southern & Central California Coast

Jeremy & Doris decided to have their summer vacation in Southern California and Central California Coast. Donald, Rena and I were very glad to join them to have a Lee’s family re-union in California. During their stay in Los Angeles, they hosted a Lee’s Dinner gathering in Arcadia, CA.

Together, we visited Los Angeles, Lego Land north of San Diego, San Luis Obispo and its surrounding areas. Here are several pictures to share:
1) Doris chatted with my niece (Carrie) and two sisters (Jane and Liz) during Lee’s Dinner.
2) & 3) Family BBQ picnic at Shell Beach, CA. Rena and I live nearby. Maybe, fifteen blocks away. Diablo Canyon Power Plant is on the other side of the mountain on the upper left.
4) Two big boys [i.e., Jeremy and Donald] at play, Lego Land
5) Grand mom, Rena, Daughter, Doris and granddaughter, Edda in front of Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument made of Legos at Lego Land.
6) Roses, my Mom & Dad at Rose Hills Memorial Park, Los Angeles. I believe, my Mom loves red roses.
In short, we had much fun together. Donald and Doris left today for San Francisco.

One thought on “Family Re-union, Southern & Central California Coast”

  1. Rena & I went to Pismo Beach last night to watch July 4th firework. Boy, it was really cold. Lot of people brought blankets but still left earlier. Just too cold. I have never imagined that along the beach it was that cold during the night. This was the first time we ventured out to the beach during the night.

    But, we really enjoyed ourselves and the firework was great, especially with a lot of people congregated along the beach.

    With so many people, I joked to Rena that we were pests living on a rotten apple (i.e., earth). Sooner or later, just like Jeremy quoted from someone else, earth is going to be fine but not our human being though 🙂

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