Moving on up in the world.

I’m happy to report that since I’ve been doing well at work and slowly moving up the seniority levels, I’m going to move into my very own private office, hopefully next week. It still won’t have a window, but at least it will be MINE, all MINE! Muhahaha!! I do enjoy having a roomie, especially my present office mate who is a true sweetheart, but when we heard we both had the chance to get our own space, it took us only 30 seconds to decide to ditch each other.

Sadly, the fish are not going to be moving with me. Two days ago, I changed the water in exactly the same way I’ve been doing for weeks and then yesterday, I came into the office and they were both belly-up. Whatever happened, it was totally my fault. I buried them at sea and hummed Taps while I flushed the toilet. I’m sorry, they were good fish.


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