A 9 Dollar Lunch Box

Today, we flew back to Washington DC from San Luis Obispo, CA. We had only 30 minutes of connection time in Los Angeles airport. The plane was 10 minutes late already. Therefore, there was no time for McDonald’s or brought some food up and “into the thin air”. Mom prepared 2 bags of peanuts (no salt), 1 bag of cranberries and 2 nectarines. But, she didn’t tell me in which bag, mine or hers. Also, we happened to sit in the center seat on different rows. This time, rows were super close to each other and I even couldn’t reach my space underneath the seat in front of me when the front seat was in inclined position. Besides, one of two toilets was out of order. People lined up in a long line on the aisle just for that. It was jam pack!

Lunch time came, and I thought 9 dollar a lunch box was just too much. If it is too much for me, then it must be super expensive for Mom. But, anyway, I struggled getting up and squeezed myself toward the back where the service kitchen and toilets were. I bought one for her. Then, I struggled backward toward the front and gave it to her. Sure enough, Mom didn’t bend her trend and just sat there without a lunch box but enjoyed some candies instead.

After deplaned, she asked me about the lunch box. She thought it was expensive too but was happy nevertheless. Yes, someone was thinking about her all the time 🙂

I told her “This is what a husband for” and, then, joked “If some one else, not me, pampers her, then I am in real trouble.” She laughed with a hearty smile. I liked that.

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