Quiet weekend.

Most weekends, the house is a loud mess – mainly because we have kids from both next doors and a kid from across the street running in and out of all the houses all weekend. However, this weekend, all our neighbors seemed to have timed their out-of-town-ness on the same weekend. This is just fine with us, because we are all slightly sick and we still need this weekend to recover from the “best vacation ever“.

Jeremy kept his word and worked all day today. This meant that I had a day very much like my days circa early 2004-late 2005 when the kids were home most of the time with only me as a companion, and I have to say, I pretty much suck as the lone companion to small children. (Are my kids still considered small? I dunno.)


Edda, who is not really much of a snuggler, followed me around today like a lost puppy (and somewhat sounding like a lost puppy as well) and I could not figure out what she wanted until I picked her up and sat her in my lap and within 5 minutes she was asleep. She did this to me at least 3 times today – very unusual (both the following around and the sleeping schedule). She’s still under the weather, not really feverish, but not herself. (Note Motrin stains all over her shirt.)


Vincent, who usually relies on entertainment provided by neighbor children (and found me sorely lacking in playing skills), was a little at a loss of what to do with himself, spend some of the day entertaining himself with disposable and recyclable products. Watch out! Will attack with deadly noodles!


Also, we solved the mystery of the leaking ceiling (this photo is trying to depict a veritable rainstorm in the middle of the living room – note at least 1 inch of water in the pan):


Before our vacation, we had called a plumber, who declared that it was the caulking and then refused to do the caulking because it was handyman’s work, so then I went to Home Depot and ripped out the old caulk and put in the new caulk about 30 minutes before we left for our vacation (talk about being rushed..). I told Eliana (who’s bathroom the leak is eminating from) that she needed to wait 24 hours before taking a bath/shower which she did and then discovered that the bathroom still leaked. Sooo, to make a long story short, it is in the pipes – for all those who love plumbing, it’s in the overflow pipe, there is a joint close to the bottom of the tub which fills when the filled tub is drained and there is a leak… Anyhow, I’m kind of mad that the plumber came already and didn’t solve my problem….

3 thoughts on “Quiet weekend.”

  1. quiet? Did not sound like that to me. Sorry I'm not around to entertain Vince one on one–time to bake sugar cookies and color eggs (who cares
    if its not Easter).

    Love your reaction to the plumber-
    this, I suppose is why your parents
    did all their own -BUT my experience
    is finding a good plumber and handyman is like finding a husband-you have to interview many
    candidates, hoho……I have FAILD on both accounts, but that is another story=I have instructed my ceiling not to leak-and so far….

    YOUR parents at NEVERLAND-I have
    been glued or was to the tv
    for ALL The Michal Jackson coverage-better than OJ-and more of a
    reflection of the cultchah. The bus goes by his "star" on hollywood blvd (at first peopel parked themelves in front of hte one
    which honor the RADIO personlity with the same name). So I see
    them line up-but always after 9 am.

    I have had to retrain myself
    forcible re. your father' story
    of sleeping in theircar to
    save money…………….

    And yes, the children remain young until they are parents and maybe not even then (from a parent
    or Aunt's point of view).

  2. Doris, this time, we can hire a plumber (me) for free – I will take a look at your leaks, if you can wait till this weekend.

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