Speeding ticket!

I got my first speeding ticket this week. Surprise, surprise! I am not a speeder. I am a grandmother-type driver. A little awkward and certainly a little slow. I’m often on the highway being passed on both the left and the right while I enjoy cruisin’ at the posted 65 MPH.

I got caught in a camera trap going 45 in a 35 MPH zone. I totally defend myself (while it is certainly true I was going faster than the posted speed limit) – look at the photo, it’s a four lane road divided by a grass median and there are no other cars around me. I think that 45 was a perfectly reasonable speed in this type of situation. Sigh. Forty bucks down the toilet.


One thought on “Speeding ticket!”

  1. My sincerest sympathies to you. I got a $15 parking ticket at the library because I didn't want to pay $3 for a video at the video store. I was 2 minutes late!

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