Halloween prep.

School hasn’t even started and we are working on Halloween already. Vince has been asking for at least a month if he could be Pikachu for Halloween and I said, no problem! no problem! And then when I went to order the costume in late July, all the Pikachu costumes were already sold out. SOLD OUT! He was heartbroken, just heartbroken. It took a little while, but we managed a compromise. He’s still going to be Pikachu, we ordered a face mask from Asia off of Ebay (which isn’t here yet) and then we got some yellow clothes.

Edda and Jeremy have coordinating outfits this year. I think Edda’s getting a little bit old to be Blue – according to the age-appropriate meter, Edda should be veering off into Hannah Montana-land, but since I found Jeremy his “Steve” shirt, this opportunity could not be missed.


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