I hate going to the doctor.

I generally don’t believe in any efficacy of prescribed medication (Jeremy thinks I am crazy). I used to do research in drug delivery systems and I didn’t believe in aspirin. I still don’t really believe that Tylenol works, I mean it does say fever reducer on the side of the bottle, but when I give it to the kids with their 103 degree fevers, nothing happens. It’s weird, is it all a hoax? I am just a terrible, terrible patient. I diagnose everything via Dr. Google and then I tell my office mates that I have black lung.

I stayed home from work today, I went to my doctor – sat in the waiting room for 30 minutes while patients who came in after me got called into the examination area while I sat in my chair wheezing and coughing. Then I got prescribed an antibiotic and an inhaler – the antibiotic itself was $46 for 7 pills. Then I looked up the antibiotic on wikipedia, apparently it’s presribed for severe or life threatening bacterial infections. I felt pretty crappy today, but I did not think I was on the verge of death when I walked into the doctors office. I crossed my mind to not take the antibiotic as a protest to how expensive it was and how I didn’t think I had a “severe or life threatening bacterial infection”. I’m such a terrible patient.

Jeremy made me some chicken soup.


2 thoughts on “I hate going to the doctor.”

  1. Chicken soup should work. Normally, I take old antibiotic medicine which is very cheap and works for 50 years.

    Make a hot soup with ginger root and brown sugar.

  2. I hate going to the Dr too. You know Americans go so much more than other countries. My dad the cowboy, redneck told his PA that he doesn't like Dr. and she said "well I don't much like patients!". They get along splendidly.

    You hang in there. Try your moms recipe. She's the greatest cook ya know!

    P.S. I wrote a note to Oprah and said Dr. Oz should be on a show regarding Rett.

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