Tone deaf.

I am not a huge music fan. I have owned at least 2 new and 2 pre-owned MP3 players and I have not been able to remind myself that I actually own them. I have a friend at work who is a huge music fan and she asked me if I knew Oasis and I had to make her hum the tune to Wonderwall to make sure I didn’t totally miss the biggest band of the 90s (she claims, I have no idea who the biggest band of the 90s was).

Anyways, having kids is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of music. For example, I learned about Lady Gaga’s Poker Face at a kindergarten – 2nd grade talent show. It was a little shocking because well, because it is a little, ahem, risque, but then I learned that Lady Gaga was admitted to Julliard at the age of 11, so then I got over how shocking it was to hear Poker Face in an elementary school (kind of).

Anyhoo, we have a new favorite song in the Lee- Martin household introduced to us because Vince has recently requested us to listen to Hot 99.5. With the popularity of Britney Spears, the boy bands, and American Idol, I thought that no one wrote their songs anymore (at least the young, beautiful performers) – that everyone had their own professional songwriters – but I was happy to learn that Ms. Swift writes her own material (and she is both the nerdy girl and the cheerleader in the video)!

We got our groove on today! Tomorrow school starts and I just found out 5 minutes ago that the battery has died in one of the cars. Probably needs replacing. Bring it on, baby.


4 thoughts on “Tone deaf.”

  1. Oasis, the biggest band of the 90's? Hardly.

    Walk up to her, tell her, in your most confident voice, that the biggest band of the 90's was, unquestionably, Nirvana. 🙂

  2. OK, OK, maybe she said "one of the biggest bands". Anyhow, I can't start in one of this little arguments with her – for instance, she's a big hockey fan, and I would read the sports pages during my morning commute about the playoffs and I say something like, "oh, don't you think that so and so is not aggressively throwing himself into defense" just to get her goat and then I'm stuck listening to minutiae for over 30 minutes of which I understand NOTHING. I'm sure the same would happen with music.

  3. I absolutely adore Taylor Swift, and that song. 😉 She is one of the few artists I can play with the kids and not worry about what the songs are saying!

  4. Taylor is as cute as a button! I knew her other songs – Teardrops on my guitar and the Romeo and Juliet one, but I didn't know that they were sung by the same person. Somehow this you belong with me song is just so sweet it makes me want to cry each time I watch the video.

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