The school year has started!


The school year started today and I have no photos because I was already at work in Virginia with my camera, so instead of children heading off towards higher education making themselves into model citizens, I’m giving you a photo of Ruby eating a raw lamb bone. It’s not a fantastic photo, but I do like that the raw meat is completely in focus – glistening. We really need to get a 2nd camera so Jeremy can document every single second of everyday when I’m not around.

All weekend, we prepped Edda, told her she was going to kindergarten with a new fabulous teacher and new fabulous school. This morning, she wandered over to the front foyer many times to wait for the bus. This transition was completely traumatic for me and not at all for Edda. Apparently it was so not traumatic that she spent a lot of the school day napping – or maybe it was traumatic and she was napping to avoid it all. She has been in a great mood for the past few weeks and it was no different today.

Vincent headed off to 2nd grade. Apparently he doesn’t yet feel like a 2nd grader, he still feels like a first grader. No homework tonight, so he still got to play outdoors until dusk with his friends. One last taste of summer.

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  1. Yes, it's both funny and gross at the same time. Ruby kept wanting to bring the bone into the house and when I turned around, she would sneak the bone into the carpeted living room! Argh… Jeremy thought raw bone was better (less sharp) than a cooked bone. I just thought it might make Ruby sick, but she still seems OK.

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