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It’s been a weird few weeks. I wanted to say that it’s been a tough few weeks, but that isn’t exactly right. Somehow the past few weeks have seen a clustering of bad and scary news from my friends or the friends of my friends. There has been: someone diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in their early 20s, someone who died of a pulmonary embolism in their late 30s with three kids, the youngest is just 6 weeks old, someone whose baby arrived too early, someone with a history of mental illness had a suicide attempt and is now paralyzed, someone who accidentally ran off an unfamiliar curvy road at night and ended up upside down in a body of water and had to go in a rescue a trapped person, someone trying to take care of a stubborn, disabled relative from 1500 miles away, someone trying to navigate a child with autism through the aggressive teenage years. And I feel like I don’t really know that many people. It’s just whenever I open my mouth (or go on facebook) and say, how’s it going?, a great big scary thing comes out of the other persons mouth. 🙁 It’s a wonder why anyone bothers to get up in the morning and go out the front door. All I can say is that life can be crazy, scary, unbearable and unfair and a lot of the time not very easy… Sigh.


Anyways, on a lighter note, we all went to a Rett Syndrome fundraiser tonight and I had the best time… We went to Garba for a Cure, put on by the Shah family in Frederick, MD. I broke out the sari from Singapore and I’d forgotten how to wrap it around me – I tried to follow some directions from Youtube, but it didn’t work very well. When we finally got to the fundraiser, two lovely Indian ladies helped me rewrap my sari around myself. I had more fun than I thought I would dancing and eating and chatting. I like it when that happens. Look, so many colors of fabric. Yummy!


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  1. Very pretty Indian Dress.

    Life is full with unknowns. Certain things can be avoided and few things are uncontrolled. Try to avoid things that can be avoided and take as it is for those uncountable or believe the GOD.

  2. Kinda puts my own troubles in perspective when I hear others troubles. I'd just like to be more like the woman I saw on some morning show on Friday, "Super Sally". She's elderly and just diagnosed with terminal cancer and when the Dr told her she had 6-9 months to live she said "oh goody, that gives me time to get things done". The Dr was astounded. She's working on her bucket list as I type. Last week she hanglided and this week she's skydiving. Then there is the Grand Canyon on a donkey, swim with Dolphins and more stuff than I can recall. I'd just like to learn to take life in a more positive manner.

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