Alamo Drafthouse.

Last Thursday, Vince, Jeremy and I went to the Alamo Drafthouse. The Alamo is a movie theater where you can eat a full meal during the movie and they also serve alcohol. Were we in Austin, TX – the home of the Alamo? No! We were in Winchester, VA – to the Alamo’s first franchise outside of Texas! So why did we travel more than 1.5 hours on a work/school night to go to the Alamo?


Two reasons. First, we did live for a while in Austin, TX where the Alamo is an institution and where we did spend an evening enjoying beers (Jeremy) and waiting for labor to kick in (Doris and Vince), so the three of us have some fondness for the Alamo. Second, it just turns out that my mentor (and good pal) at work is married to the guy who’s family is opening the first Alamo movie theater outside of Texas. So we got to go to family and friends night which started about 2 hours after they got the permit to turn on the stoves.


It’s a little fancier than I remembered it being in Austin. Stadium seating with embroidered logos. We saw Up, which freaked our sensitive soul Vince out a little.

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  1. How sad is it that you travel 1.5 hrs. and we live 5 minutes in Austin and never go!You are so much more hip than me.

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