Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

I went out to Fairfax, VA at 7 am. It was cold. It was raining. Some rental tents were set up outside and we were commiserating that perhaps the fundraiser was going to be a complete washout…


The silent auction stuff was getting wet:


I was discouraged.

But with the generosity of the movie theater’s manager, we managed to set up inside the lobby and hold the event inside. After people started showing up and creating a more festive atmosphere, we were able to relax, keep warm and give out free coffee and bagels. Donations were collected, most of the silent auction items were shoved into a little corner where people could bid. And most surprisingly and encouragingly, the fundraiser collected about $30,000 at the event, the silent auction made $1,100. There were some families who decided not to come because of the weather and they are sending in their donations in the mail, so the real total will be ready at the end of the month – really not to shabby for a wet and cold Saturday morning. Hooray! Hopefully, we are just a little bit closer to finding a cure for Rett!


Kiki came down to participate in the stroll. Here we are hours after the walk, still wearing our crazy DC Martins tie-die T-shirts.


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  1. Wow that is amazing you guys did so well!! Especially with the economy such as it is these days. Congratulations and kisses from all of us Strickers.

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