Back in the swing of things.

Jeremy’s been in Chicago on business the past few days – he flew back home late last night. I made a tactical error and decided to wait up for him thinking he’d been home by 11pm. He didn’t get in until 1 am (flights were delayed) – I had fallen asleep at 11:30 pm, which means I got just under 6 hours of sleep. Six hours of sleep is pretty much the minimum amount of sleep I need in order to do my job properly, otherwise all the scientific and legal arguments I need to make just start blurring together. So I was a little tired today and still trying to kick the last of my illness away. In retrospect I should have gone to sleep with the kids. Now (of course), Jeremy’s not feeling well, so he went to bed early tonight. The kids are still holding up well. I’m sure in a few days, they’ll be sick too.

We have a huge (10 inch across) mushroom patch in our front yard. Mushrooms are so weird, one day they aren’t there, the next day – poof, you’ve got a huge cluster.


One thought on “Back in the swing of things.”

  1. Sleep is very important thing. Good sleep makes body to recover fast. Daddy can sleep at any time and it is his good gene to do night shift. Even some one pays me for millions; I would not take night shift job.

    Hope you getting better soon.

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