Farm visit.

Edda’s school had a field trip to Sharp’s at Waterford Farm. I signed up to help out because I even though Jeremy’s been to class two or three times already, I haven’t had a chance to meet Edda’s teachers, aides and classmates. This field trip involved the whole kindergarden and first grade classes – I’d say about 100-150 kids and parents. Three full buses of kids – all non-staff adults (me and the other parents) had to find our own way to the farm.

I was a little nervous as sometimes Edda can be unhappy at these things. These days I’m in a pretty good mood, so it doesn’t bother me that sometimes people stare at Edda when we are out and about if she’s doing her “regular” Rett thing, but I really, really, didn’t want to be parent with the crying, unhappy, unconsolable special-needs child – which still does happen and even though I can deal with it, it just sucks the life force out of the outing.

Anyways, I shouldn’t have worried, I have never seen a happier girl.


In the pumpkin patch.


On the hay ride.


It was so great.

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