Date night.

For date night, we met at the CVS downtown. The little photo kiosk there is awesome… All set up to print passport photos. We should have done Jeremy’s there as well. 29 cents.


Date night continued in the streets of downtown Bethesda. Bethesda is a little bit fancier than our a little-further-out ‘burb, so the quality of the bicycles parked near the Bethesda Metro stop shot up a price point or two. Jeremy got to ogle them and tell me how totally cool they are…

Batavus bike: price $1028 – has a cool built in lock for the back wheel.


Breezer bike: $1160, cool little headlight setup. Doesn’t it look like is owned by someone who is homeless? What’s with the two duffel bags? This bike also looks to be locked by a very thin cable lock, it would take a thief two seconds to steal this bike. Sigh, maybe nothing gets stolen in Bethesda..


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