Happy new fiscal year!


The federal fiscal year is over. I made it through my two years of being a probationary employee – now I’m a full-fledged federal employee. I passed my certification exam last month and I applied to work from home.

I have mixed feelings about working from home, I love my co-workers, I love going out to lunch with my coworkers, I love going to the on-site gym. I love that I can go up and down the halls and ask “Hey, do you think when they use the word “bonded” that it just means covalent bonds or do you think it includes Van der Waals forces and hydrogen bonding too?” However, I’ve been eating up sick time and vacation time like crazy from doctor appointments/school appointments and various things, I will be happy to be able to just shift my hours a little bit to actually use vacation time for vacation and to see the kiddos a bit more… Also, I think it will help relax the household a little more, I’ll be able to do some more errands during the week, like going to Costo.

8 thoughts on “Happy new fiscal year!”

  1. Here is my two cents:

    I don't know about working at home. Of course, it comes with a lot of convenience and desirable flexibility on schedules.

    But, working alone without really (?) interfacing people is boring too. Plus, it is bad for networking & for career; it is also bad to deal with home problems (everyone has some) all the time; it is bad too for not keeping a routing daily.

    I will ask for compensation time, instead 🙂

  2. Great! Work at home. At least you can save the 3hrs on road. Sleep one more hour is big plus.

    How many days per week do you work at home?

  3. All I can say Doris is what an amazing woman and all you working moms are out there. I just went back to work after 8 years of being off. I should have been much nicer to my mom when I was a kid and she was working. It is hard and I am pretty tired when I get home. And, I only work 20 hrs. a week!

  4. when I work from home, it will be full time, although I can go into the office as much as I want and use a teleworking office, i won't have my own office.

    Sherah – you went back to work! wow 🙂 – I think 20 hours a week is perfect.

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