Little updates.


Jeremy: Last night he lost his voice and today he went to Newark to give a talk. He says it went OK – voice wise. I haven’t yet got the complete lowdown on the actual talk.

I’ve been sneaking Cheetoes at work. I’m all signed up to work from home – first day November 20th.

Vincent: He’s loving Cub Scouts. For those who don’t know, there is a long checklist of things you have to do to earn badges. Last night he made a birdhouse – used a hammer which was one of tasks on the checklist. There is a random screw in the top of birdhouse, because he had to master the “using a screwdriver” task.

Edda: School’s going well. We are past the being asleep all day phase. Now she’s pretty active and alert all day. Her right arm just went all rigid on me – hypertonic. I know she’s transitioning from hypo to hyper, I just preferred hypo.

Eliana: I came home today to find her not feeling too well. I think she probably needs to sleep in all day tomorrow. She’s decided to stay and help us out until the end of next year! Awesome.

Ruby: Still the best dog ever.

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  1. The only update you forgot was what is everyone going to be for Halloween? I'll start, Zombie Bride. Josh is the classic 14 yr old boy idea, a giant whoopie cushion that has a farting machine inside. Big hit last year with all the male candy giver outers. The ladies not so much.

    Your cakes look sooo good. Man I wish you were here to cook for us!

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