Sick day.

Eliana was sick today, so Jeremy and I tagged teamed the child care, Jeremy took care of the morning (Edda’s bus was 20 minutes late) and I hustled home after my last meeting to pick Edda up from school and high-tail it to a 3pm therapy session. It’s a little embarrassing to admit as it is the end of October, but I have never before driven to Edda’s school by myself, so I had to GPS it. Ahh, the trials of a working mom. 🙂


I have talked before about my general dislike of therapy, so it was refreshing to see Edda enjoying herself at therapy – lots of laughing and giggling and lots of good eye contact between Edda and Deb – Edda pretty much ignored me during the session.


I love many of the therapists that we’ve worked with over the years, they have helped me through some rough emotional patches. I rely on them for advice and comfort because 1. they love Edda and 2. they work with lots of families with kids with special needs so I need them for perspective and I’ve found their advice comforting and very helpful.


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