Rett Syndrome Awareness Month!


It’s Rett Syndrome Awareness Month! There are so many exciting things happening this month, lots of fundraisers across the country, most notably our own Fairfax Strollathon happening next Saturday morning.

I was having lunch with a friend of mine a few weeks ago and she mentioned that her brother-in-law, who doesn’t do Rett research, however, he knows a lot about Rett because he is a MD/PHD student in neurology at Baylor, said that Rett Syndrome is the “hot topic” in developmental neurology. It’s nice to hear someone in the trenches of the neurology field and is not affiliated with any Rett organizations say that lots of people are interested in studying RS. Just kind of a knowledgeable independent assessment on how excited researchers are about working on finding out all they can about the Rett gene and how to help girls like Edda.

I know that a lot of the push for job creation in this country is directed to clean energy or “green jobs”, but I fervently hope that the next big boom is the boom in biological research. The one that was suppose to happen in the 1990s, but was put off when the internet exploded.


Paul came by for an 18-hour visit (he was in town for a conference). He works at Ohio State, and I guess they are the “Buckeyes”.. For whatever reason, I thought that Buckeyes were a kind of horse or donkey, but they are actually nuts and Paul got Edda this fabulous buckeye nut necklace.

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  1. Things must be changing because I went to a dinner last night and this woman I'd never met was very familiar with Rett's. Not that long ago when I'd talk about about no one knew anything about it.

    P.S. I got the bikes, Dahon for $75.00 each. Seemed like a good deal

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