Uncle Eric.

Jeremy’s cousin Eric is a professional camera dude – he’s done a bunch of stuff in the movies, it all sounds really cool. Every once in a while, he brings some cool equipment over for us to check out. Here’s a $30,000 video camera he rented for a gig and I got to hold it for a minute on my shoulder – it’s 15 pounds. Ugh. Heavy… The day before, he did 13 hours handheld with this monstrosity. I told him that he needed to get the Flip HD, and he said he couldn’t charge as much as he does if he showed up with a Flip. It was Christine’s birthday, so he got to videotape us singing happy birthday.


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  1. Doris, Donald, Jeremy,
    I came across two folding bikes that looked brand new at an estate sale today. $100.00 each and I could probably get them down if they are still there. Do you guys know anything about them?

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