Raingutter regatta.

Tonight was Raingutter Regatta. Vince needed to put together a little balsa wood boat from a kit. The kids then power the boats via lung power. We made two critical mistakes. 1. We used washable paint. Which did wash off somewhat in the water. 2. We glued some critical pieces (like the rudder) on at the last minute and they did not stick on very well.


Vince did not win. He didn’t even beat another boat. He was sad and sulked. He learned about losing.


The peanut gallery has come back. My dad immediately went to work thinking about how to build a better boat.


2 thoughts on “Raingutter regatta.”

  1. Vince didn't win and, apparently, one could see from his face.

    When I was at his age, I was worse. By looking back, probably, bumpy things were more educational in one's life than smooth sailing all the time. So long as one could learn from it.

  2. Josh used to lose all the time at board games when he was Vince's age. It was a good thing. He learned so much by losing.

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