Working from home.

I’ve been in training this past week to learn how to work from home. I told a friend about my “working at home” training and she asked – so what are they going to do? Teach you how to use the internet? Ha ha. Well kind of. There are things like figuring out how to answer my work phone through the computer rather than a real phone – how to web cam with colleagues and how to maintain good work habits.

Then on Friday – you had a choice of picking up the computer from the warehouse at noonish or having them FedEx it to arrive at home on Saturday. I chose the delivery because I’m still trying to move my office without actually driving to the office and spent Friday afternoon working in a hotel-ling office about 3 doors down from my old office. My office mate had already obliterated any sign of me occupying any space in my old office. Someone had already snagged my old office chair.

So the dual screens and the printer arrived yesterday. The office paid for FedEx overnight Saturday delivery and the screens were both so poorly packed that even though they both work – they were damaged in the process – cracked frames, damaged screens and warped stands. Pretty amazing.


Edda was impressed. She was like – wow! two screens for me? You shouldn’t have!


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