Christmas 2009.

The holidays bring out the Grinch in me – I don’t like to shop, I don’t like how the days are getting shorter and colder. My children are of two extremes, Vince is asking daily for things that he wants (and whining at any hint of hesitation at fulfilling his every wish), Edda is silent on her wants. Both of these extremes send me into an funk.

Since Thanksgiving, we’ve been seeing old friends – from high school, from old jobs, etc. These are the people who you used to see every day for years, and then for whatever reason, we just call/email once a year or so just to catch up. I’ve been feeling pretty good about Edda these days, not too anxious or too fretful. But all these kind, dear friends ask about Edda and how she’s doing and I start explaining how well she’s doing, no huge health issues, enjoying school and outings – feeling OK about it all and then all of a sudden, a little catch of emotion starts in me and I can feel that I’m about to cry. Sigh. But I don’t cry and the afternoon continues in a lovely way.

Last Xmas, we got Edda a book of Norse Myths. I got it because I love the Greek Myths and the Norse Myths are related to the Edda Sagas, which are probably the most well known use of the name Edda.


4 thoughts on “Christmas 2009.”

  1. You know what the holidays put me in a funk too. I just started working again and I'd forgotten how it is in many of the public schools with freebreakfast/lunch programs. It's painful to see all the kids that when school ends for the break will not have access to lunch or breakfast. Presents are usually an afterthought for most of them. Just have that cry for both of us, or else I'll do it for us. I think it is an okay thing to do.Love, sheila

  2. Dad – Edda is a more famous name in the Martin family – Katherine's mother! 🙂

    Ah, Sheila – yes, I know there are lots of things that are painful which get amplified around the holidays when the perception that the world is kind and loving to all things when the harsh reality can often not be so easily covered.

  3. Okay, I believe the world isn't that fair as people would like to believe.

    I was hungary all the time when I was little. Looking back, probably, it gave the me the drive of not going hungary again.

    I love Edda and, unfortunately, she can't tell me that or anything else. But, that doesn't matter to me. That is the way it is. And that is the way she is 🙂

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