Vince made me do a lice check today on his head. Lice is a big thing at school these days (I think a couple of cases have been reported at school) and the kids were talking to each other about it and Vince thought his head was itchy and wanted to make sure that he was lice-free. Which he was. But as I was looking though his hair, I decided that my own head felt itchy. Arg. Just thinking about lice makes my head itchy. Scratch, scratch.

3 thoughts on “Lice.”

  1. We have been through it twice at our house with Ali's long hair. Yes, it is a pain.

    The best is prevention. They hate tea tree oil and heat….dry his hair with a hair dryer. Make sure he doesn't share hats, combs etc. If there is a huge outbreak at school, get one of those massive zip lock bags and zip up his backpack each weekend.

    send me an e-mail if you get them, and I can run down everything we did. The first time it took a few days to be completely free – the second time – less than 24 hours!

  2. Read Marion Winiks story about finding out your child has lice. Written in the same vein as Elizabeth Kubler Ross book "Death and Dying" and the stages you go through i.e. denial, bargaining, then finally acceptance. VERY FUNNY!

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