Getting ready for the holidays.

This weekend, we had a potluck at church. I love potlucks, it’s the whole reason I joined my church. Food, folks and fun! It was a super interesting challenge, because we were trapped in the house the day before because of the snowstorm, so I was determined to make a dish that did not require any grocery shopping. We had a bunch of cake ingredients, so for the sweet dish, I made a plain white sheet cake decorated with rainbow sprinkles and for the savory dish, I made (well, Jeremy made) a Japanese curry with rice. We had the curry mix in the pantry and had a bunch of carrots/onions/potatoes also sitting around and we chopped up a bunch of frozen chicken breasts.

After potluck, there is always a round of crafts. Edda and Jeremy frosted a cookie with “E” for Edda. Neither Edda nor the high school volunteer manning the craft station look too thrilled about the whole thing. Crafts are not Edda’s forte. Those cookies were yummy.


On the way out, we found a little snowman and I wanted to take a picture of it because it was super cute and Vince yelled out, “Wait! I want to make it a little more Christmas-y” and he stuck his two crafty Stars of David on the tree. I didn’t tell him that he actually made it more Hanukkah-y. Pretty funny.


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