Snow day!


It snowed all day today – the first snow of the winter. I had plans to go to gymnastics, church, Trader Joe’s, Target and IKEA today, but none of it happened. I decided at 10 am that I wasn’t going to run any errands today and slowly but surely, all of our plans with other people this weekend got canceled one by one.


Jeremy had to work most of the day today (with a break for swapping in the snow tires) and Vince spent most of the day outside in the snow getting soaking wet and playing with pals – so Edda and I (the super-home-bodiest of the bunch) stayed inside and ate and baked! I baked two kinds of cakes today – used up 4.5 cups of sugar and 0.75 pounds of butter. I also did a lot of Christmas shopping online – yah internet and fuzzy slippers. Since I’ve been working from home, I think I’ve spent a total of 8 hours outside of the house in the past five days. I’m not sure that is a good long term ratio of slippers vs. outside human contact.

It was Eliana’s first experience with snow, it was very cute watching her try to catch snowflakes!


3 thoughts on “Snow day!”

  1. Mom & I went to IKEA yesterday during the snow. We should have to pick you up but probably won't fit into our small car.

    We bought a bed for your room in Sheets Farm, a dresser for Mom's room and a kitchen table.

  2. Okay talk to me about snow tires. I believe we are going to need them next winter. Do you really need them? Where do you store them during the summer months? Are they expensive? We have two cars, oh joy.

  3. Yes, you will need snow tires. They are iffy in MD, but when we lived in upstate NY, they were pretty much a life saver. We used to live in a house where in the winter, the gravel driveway would become a sheet of ice and our cars with the snow tires never had any problems, but everyone else who didn't have them couldn't come over to our house. They are also more grippy on the actual roads when you are traveling fast and I like that safety-wise. I think they are $600 a car for 4 tires (although Jeremy bought them – not me). Jeremy takes them on and off every year. We store them in the garage.

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