Being one of the gang.

I’ve been trying pretty hard to bring Edda out into the community more. This seems to be my major “Edda” priority this year – to get families in the neighborhood to know Edda and for Edda to get to know them. This has been made a lot easier with Vince, who is a naturally outgoing kid and is not shy about having his sister along for the ride.

Today we went on an outing to the recycling center with the scouts. I know I talk about the scouts a lot, but it has been a good group of parents to get to know. Edda walked around the center aimlessly and with very little eye contact as she is wont to do – a dad patted Edda on her head as she walked by, moms encouraged their kids to say “hi” to Edda, a scout made sure that Edda had her foam earplugs for the “factory” tour. It was all really nice.


And the recycling center is amazing! Magnets to separate the metals, people to separate a lot of the other stuff. It is not an easy job to sort co-mingled recycling. (A lot less smelly than you’d think it’d be).



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  1. I know exactly how you feel, I have been getting Annie out a bit more lately as well, we started bible school on Sunday. I was so worried but everyone just loves her and includes her. So glad the scouts are taking good care of Edda!

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