Exciting day tomorrow!

Well, we are all waiting here with baited breath here for tomorrow to come! Apple’s big announcement AND the State of the Union address all together in one big day; as someone in the house said, I guess tomorrow we’ll save the world AND also have the State of the Union address. ha ha. To top it all off and make it a super duper blockbuster day, I think we all decided that tomorrow’s dinner will include tater tots. Woo hoo – triple play.

Last Saturday night, me and a few friends from work gathered in my pal Darcy’s apartment for a girls board game night. Darcy has a lot of hobbies which include baking, so there were awesome desserts.


She is also a belly dancer who dances with her pet snake:


The highlight of the evening was watching her snake eat four mice – I guess she feeds the snake every month or so and I got an amazing photo of the snake devouring the mouse (which was dead and frozen in the freezer and thawed out so that the snake wouldn’t freeze her insides). But I know there are some mouse lovers (KGM – that would be you) that might not appreciate seeing a snake eat a mouse, so don’t click here unless you want to see a snake eating a pre-dead mouse.

One thought on “Exciting day tomorrow!”

  1. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!Just saw the mouse picture. WHOAAAAAA.
    Being from Texas there's always a snake story so here's mine. A friend in the hill country who is legally blind without glasses went out to her finch cage which is as big as a small shed. She's in the cage and the birds are acting so strange so she decides to go back in the house for glasses and houseshoes. When she can finally see is that a 6 ft rattle snake has crawled through the wire fence of the cage, eaten a finch (or two) and is stuck in the wire because the birds made a lump in its belly. She got the garden lopers and cut the thing in half! Yikes!

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