A X’mas Wish

Does X’mas just pass? But, that doesn’t matter. This is what I like for my next X’mas gift.

All kind of ball pens as well as markers because, we are seldom at home and all ball pens and markers are dead because of their age. It frustrated me a lot when someone called and a quick note was needed because of my advanced memory. The ball pens were everywhere but they were seldom usable. You had to try thousands (exaggerating of course) of them, before picking one which was just barely working 🙂

Our stored food fares no better. It wasn’t difficult to find some can food which was already expired several years in our house. Mom threw most of them away. But for cokes, sometimes I just wonder.

I occasionally joked to our house guests that they should be vigilant to what they had just consumed. Even I ain’t sure 🙂

One thought on “A X’mas Wish”

  1. Try a package of "Bic Round Stic Grip" pens. They're very cheap (about 20 cents a pen or less) and rarely stop working unless the ink's out. You'll usually find them in packs of a dozen at Wal-Mart or Office Depot or OfficeMax.

    No, I don't make any money if you buy them. I just like the product.

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