Bad news from the BOE budget meeting.

Last week, the Board of Education unanimously approved the proposed budget cuts to next year’s school system. This was the budget that I had gone to testify against passing. I was very disappointed because this most likely means that Edda’s special needs preschool might not exist much longer. It has been very difficult, we love so many of the staff at that preschool, it just is so sad to see such a great program go away.

Vincent is doing some last minute homework at the breakfast table. It is something that I hope does not become a habit.


3 thoughts on “Bad news from the BOE budget meeting.”

  1. It is evidently that all cut are going to affect ordinary citizens' daily life directly.

    No organizations, especially PUBLIC ONES (GOVERNMENT is a super huge one) will cut back office people. Have one ever heard that some big wheels (or managers?) get cut? All cut are teachers, fire fighters, librarians, garbage collectors, etc. There are obvious reasons for that.

    1) Those hard working people don't have the power and right connections.

    2) It is easier to raise more money this way thru taxes or service fees from the public because it causes inconvenient or even pain.

    I would like to say "Government is just too big and cumbersome". It has already controlled over 50% of our economics and this control is inching forward at alarming rates.

    It is the time to take the government back – keep it small, keep it only as overseeing and regulatory organization, nothing else.

    No more bail-outs (believe me or not, 2009 total bonus of Wall Streeters is $20B), no more great society day dreamers (everything needs to be earned, no more free handouts), stop illegal immigrants (regardless of their economic and cultural contributions, they are ILLEGAL!, we have laws on our books, haven't we?)

  2. Okay so what is the board proposing you and the other parents at this school do? Sp. Ed laws are pretty set in stone. Seems like the school board is going to have to provide something for your kids.

  3. S – the BOE is setting up new classrooms in the existing elementary schools and route the kids to the new program rather to MPAC, a privately run program. I think the BOE is trying desperately to keep or make as many teaching positions as possible because they are about to lose about 400 to budget cuts. It's not that they thought Edda's school was doing a bad job, I think they thought there was a way to keep public sector jobs at the expense of all the people who are working at Edda's preschool. Sigh.

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