Hard fall.

I did not want to post about this until after I was for sure certain that everything is perfectly fine, but Edda had a pretty bad fall at school last Tuesday. I got a frantic call from the nurse and the teacher about Edda’s bonk. Apparently another student crawled quickly right behind Edda and even though the aide was right there, Edda took a step backwards and because she has no reflex to save herself from the fall, she went straight back and hit her head on the linoleum floor. I wince even now when I imagine the sound. Ugh.

A huge bloody knot, bulging at least 3/4 of an inch from her skull.


Anyways, I went to school, where she was happily watching a video and laughing. (They let her watch the video instead of going to art, because she ALWAYS falls asleep in art and they wanted to keep her awake until we figured out what to do). So as I’m driving to the school, I’m like, OK, I gotta take her to the emergency room because, well, mainly because of Natasha Richardson, but I get there and she’s doing great. A lot of discussion with the teachers/aid/pediatrician about what to do next, I eventually headed to the pediatricians office – where Edda, again, is fabulously herself. So it was decided that we’d keep an eye her and not go to the emergency room, because I had completely forgotten that getting a simple X-ray would involve the whole ordeal of being under general anesthesia. Anyway, Edda’s FINE, thank goodness.

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  1. Sorry, Edda…for the fall. This happened to Audric a few years ago, when he was even further under-developed with his gross motor skills. He was minding his business at Port Discovery in Baltimore when this kid wasn't paying attention, jumped back and knocked Audric straight back. I heard the head thump and freaked out. Needless to say, I've been traumatized from that experience, probably more so than Audric. I totally understand the Natasha Richardson comment…I'm the same way. Glad to read that she's acting herself.

  2. Thanks guys, for all the well wishes. Edda is great and I'm glad this is behind us. Quite a shock to the system last week, and it probably freaked me out more than anyone else..

  3. Josh once fell when he was about 4yrs. old 7 feet off of scaffolding. It makes my stomach hurt to think about it even so many years later. He got his knee stuck in the bars on a playscape, broke his arm riding his bike full speed downhill. I told him that was a bad idea! Anyway, I can totally understand your freaking out (but it sounds like you were really pretty calm). Someone else on the blog said it best, it probably freaks us out more than the kid. Give her a kiss.

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