Falling Rocks

Today is Friday, an off-day for the Plant with 4/10 schedule. It was raining a lot, therefore, few traffic was on the beach road, alongside mountain slopes, leading to the Plant.

It was still very dark this morning and I drove in front of a pack of three cars. Since the guy at my back was a tailgater, I pulled my car over to let them pass. After their passing, I was back on the road again. But, this time, I was the last one.

Just a couple of seconds later, I saw the first car pulled over at the side and stopped. The second one was a pick-up truck which kept going but slowing down considerably. Suddenly, I saw a big rock in front of me, right on the road with a lot of smaller ones. I stepped on my brake and tried to steer away from the big one. But, still with a big bang, my rental car ran over it.

After stopping, I flagged down the incoming cars and removed the rock from the road to its side. Then, I started to inspect my car. It was okay with no apparent damages. The owner of first car walked toward me and said his car was toasted because he hit two big rocks which included the one that I just hit. He called 911 for help.

I thought that I was very lucky to let him go first. Or, I were be the one that hit those two rocks with full speed, not just one at much slower speed. But, I felt very sorry for him though.

It shook me up a lot and it took much longer for me get to work this morning.

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