Getting out of a funk and into a snowstorm.

So since I know I’m going to be trapped inside the house for the next 2-3 days, I’ve been making an effort to get out of the house more. I went to work on Tuesday and on Wednesday, I went to a quilting group and today I went to a book club. OK, the quilting group AND the reading group were full of retired ladies, I’m not sure I fit in exactly – although I have to admit I do enjoy hanging out with folks that are not the same age as me. It brings a fresh new perspective on life. All the young, single people worried about their weekend plans, all the older ladies trying to avoid driving at night, ha ha. Me back then and me in the future.

On a completely different topic, Vince has been a little moody for a day or so which is completely unlike him. He says he’s sick, but he doesn’t have a fever, cough or anything and when I ask him what’s wrong, he’s not very specific about his ailments. I suspect he’s just exhausted from the constant playing in the snow with the kids in the neighborhood. The past week, it’s been a snowstorm every 3 days and then there is another one is coming this weekend. Vince can play in the snow for 8 hours straight – that kid has endurance. Here he is enjoying pizza with some pals after a full day of snow play.


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