Mom. Learning to use the GPS

I consider teaching the parents how to use a GPS a success. I think they really find it really useful. We used it to drive from Li-Pei’s house to a restaurant in SF. Also Mom & Dad used to drive back to Li-Pei’s place. Pretty much with minimal input from me, they were able to navigate in both directions. Yea!

8 thoughts on “Mom. Learning to use the GPS”

  1. I am pro now. We used to get back to San Luis Obispo.

    She even tell us to back to 101 after we stopped for food.

    Love it. BTW, Dad love her voice too.

  2. Yes, very often, Jeremy refuses to do what the GPS tells him to do. He says – I'm not going that way, I'm going this other way. And then he forces the GPS to recalculate the route. He like the blackberry Google directions better, but alas, it's hard to operate while driving. So he hands me the Blackberry and I don't know how to use the Blackberry, so then I argue with Jeremy that he should follow the GPS. Gah!

  3. In addition, GPS does not charge Noel for not being signal when he makes turn or shift lane. So for, Noel lost $25.00 and $12.00 unpaid. I can play one year Mar John with that money.

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