White House visit.

Went to the White House today, very exciting after a spending nearly a whole week in the house being all snowed under. It is not possible to just show up at the White House and go on a tour – I think you have to ask three months before you want to go; I got to go through my alumni organization who managed to get 150 tickets which were distributed among the members. Saw the China Room, the Red, Blue and Green Rooms, East Room, the State Dining room. Jeremy and Edda got extra lucky – because Edda was in her wheelchair and couldn’t manage the long staircase up to the 2nd floor, Jeremy and Edda got to go through part of the cordoned-off West Wing. Turns out, they got to go through the White House kitchen – something that Jeremy always loves to check out. He said that they were not very busy and it was very clean. I told them that he should have asked for a snack. Sorry no photos! I was not allowed to bring my camera (although I was a little bit miffed by this rule because cell phones were allowed, so we all had cameras, just very little ones.)

This evening, in celebration of the Olympics, we moved a little dining room table to right in front of the TV. Our massive 19″ TV.


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