Snowing again.

It’s snowing again tonight. This is the snowiest winter I’ve ever remembered for a Maryland winter. Jeremy, who didn’t grow up here and keeps commenting “We live in the South! It’s not suppose to snow in the South!”, is a bit shocked to see so much snow and is sore from shoveling so many times.

This past weekend, we went to Lakeforest Mall – which was my high school hang out mall – but it’s lost a little of that high school magic. It’s been overshadowed by some of the fancier malls around the area. When I was in high school, Lakeforest had an awesome water fountain in the central atrium. They’ve turned off the fountain and built over it a children’s playscape which kind of covers most of the fountain, but not all of it. It looks a little kludgy. Oh well, no matter, the kids enjoyed the soft area playscape. Actually, Vince is getting to be almost too old for it, running around all these barely mobile teetering 12-18 month olds…



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