When flexibility backfires.

The federal government has been closed for 2.5 days now – I suspect it will be closed tomorrow, but since I telework, I get no weather related leave. There has been some grumbling among my fellow teleworkers, but I’m very happy to trade in a few days of working at home under a blanket of snow for the flexibility that working from home affords me.


Luckily the power and the internet connections have held up and Eliana has been very helpful on the child care front. Oh yeah, schools have been canceled for the rest of the WEEK!

Here are the troops this morning. Still in PJs. Edda’s hair has a cute little curl in it today for some reason.


2 thoughts on “When flexibility backfires.”

  1. Nice picture and three of them were pretty relax 🙂

    Here in California Central Coast, nothing but rain and more rain.

    This year, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are at the same day.

    Therefore, since Monday, Mom and I have been working for 11 hours straight every day. We look forward to taking off to San Francisco at noon, Friday.

    We will be back on Monday morning.

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