Vince felt much, much better today. On his way home from school, he picked some crocuses for me. I asked them if he picked them out of someone’s garden and he told me not to worry because “no one lives in the house”. Hmmmm…


Jeremy dressed up today. He wore what I consider his wedding/funeral shoes. He bought a pair of very nice black leather shoes for our wedding and I told him that I thought he would not wear them again until he died and then he would be buried in them. This was when we were employed in the Silicon Valley and having an ironed shirt was super fancy, I did not think that he’d ever have a job where he’d get to wear those fancy shoes again. He’s worn them many times since the wedding, but I still refer to them as the wedding/funeral shoes.


2 thoughts on “Crocus.”

  1. I always think Vince is sweet boy, pick some flowers for you, I dont think there is that many same age boy will do that, whatever girl he meet in the future will be so lucky!
    He is a good boy……….


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