Emy is in town…


Emy is visiting for the weekend. Hooray! We trundled downtown to the Mall to see the Natural History Museum. The Metro was single tracking which made it incredibly frustrating.


There were 2 demonstrations on the Mall yesterday, one anti-health care bill and one bring-the-troops home. We saw people carrying signs for both on the Metro and we also saw something like 100 port-a-potties lining the mall, but we actually couldn’t see the actual rallies. I think there were only 1000 people at each one so I think they were easy to miss.

Jeremy spent the day at a high school science fair as a volunteer judge. We discussed the difficulty of judging a summer’s worth of research at NIH against someone who spent 3 weekends at home with stuff from Home Depot.


2 thoughts on “Emy is in town…”

  1. Okay so we just got back from our spring break road trip right near you and no we didn't call. I forgot my address book and was at the whim of Scott's dad so we didn't know what the schedule would be or where we would be is my only excuse. I'm embarrassed but now that I've seen the post of puking child, small fires and quiet moments of knitting I feel a little better for not disturbing your life! Love the sweaters! Can't wait to see you guys here.

  2. You guys picked the best time to come to MD! It was so beautiful this week, just incredible. We will see you soon, yes, it was a very busy week and you and the blog don't even know the half of it. 🙂

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